Your Beauty Products May be Harmful

Many people assume that the products they buy in the store are safe to use, but that couldn't be farther for the truth. Many of the products that we use are actually downright bad for us, and no one knows the long-term effects of using them.

Many pigmented eyeshadows and eyeliners products contain aluminum powder, and this ingredient is thought to be linked to neurotoxicity and even cancer. Many sun care products contain an ingredient called retinyl palmitate, or vitamin A palmitate, and can cause cancer. Retinol is also used in many night creams. Another ingredient that is often found in sunscreens is oxybenzone has been linked to hormone disruption, allergies, and cell damage.

Reasons to Ditch Your Old Beauty Products

It has been found that the majority of cosmetic products contain reproductive toxins, carcinogens, and many other harmful chemicals that can cause serious diseases such as cancer.

When you wear lipstick and lip gloss, you actually end up ingesting some of it. You end up ingesting about 24-83 milligrams of it to be exact, and about 75 percent of all lip glosses and lipsticks were found to contain lead. Lead is harmful to every part of the body.

The average woman uses about 10-15 different cosmetics every day, and that is a combination of over 515 different synthetic chemicals.

Perfume contains about 400 different ingredients, and many of these ingredients are considered to be hazardous waste, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Studies have found that umbilical cords of babies have more than 200 toxic chemicals present according to the Environmental Working Group.

If you see the word "fragrance" on a list of ingredients, there could be hundreds of chemicals in that particular products, and cosmetic counters can actually hide the fact that their fragrances are toxic by withholding the ingredient list.

Your skin is the largest organ and can absorb around 60 percent of what is placed on it. There are still about 80% of cosmetic ingredients that have not been tested for safety.

A study conducted in 2002 that tested cosmetic products from major brands in the United States found pohthalates in almost 75 percent of them. However, phthalates were not listed on the ingredient label on any of these products. Phthalates have been linked to breast cancer and reproductive issues in both men and women. Several animals studies that involved testing on mice have found that by exposing mice to phthalates cause them to become obese.

In about one out of every five cosmetics, you will find formaldehyde which is a preservative. These products actually release a small amount of this toxic ingredient into the air after they have been applied. Products that could potentially contain formaldehyde include shampoos, lotions, bath soaps, hairspray, and many other personal care products. Formaldehyde is very dangerous when it is inhaled.

Over half of bath soaps, lotions, shampoos, and other personal care products for children have been found to contain 1,4-dioxane and formaldehyde, and both are considered to be dangerous carcinogens.

Luckily there are plenty of high-end and quality organic substitutes for your old favorites, and they won't kill you. They do not contain any harsh chemicals and will not cause cancer. They will also be easier on your skin which is a huge bonus if you have sensitive skin.

Q Cosmetics is just one of many examples of all-natural products that are gentle on your body and that are enriched with good thing such as Tasmanian Salmon caviar and DHA rich omega-3 to make your skin feel nourished and pampered.

Their products do not contain parabens, petrochemicals, sulphates, mineral oils, or any synthetic colors so you can feel good about using them and they are also gentle and safe to use on your children.

Go With the Organic Option

Organic and natural skincare products are nothing new, but they are becoming more widely known and used as consumers realize just how bad many of the products that we use daily can be.

An organic product will likely contain naturally derived ingredients such as vitamin C, apple stem cells, lavender, or collagen. It will contain either 100% of organic ingredients or at least 50% of organic ingredients. It can be a real eye-opener to look at the labels of many of the products that you are using, and most of them are even impossible to pronounce. Even if you replace a few of your products, you will greatly decreasing the number of toxins that you expose your self to. Organic products have come a very long way, and you are bound to find some brand new favorites. You simply cannot trust that the products that you find in your local drugstore are safe unless they are certified organic.

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