The project management & Prince2 training field is growing at a shocking rate. Today, there are thousands of project managers working in Malaysia alone. As the need for seasoned and certified project manager increase, and more organisations open doors, market researchers say that soon the number of these professionals will grow significantly.

As the competition grows, it means that you need to up your game as a project manager. Do not just sit there waiting for your luck, since many agile & scrum certifications can help you stay ahead of the competition. Taking a Prince2 course is one of them.

So, will a certification in Prince2 course create more career opportunities for you, and will it increase your chances of getting employed as a project manager? Let’s find out.

What is a Prince2 certification course?

Before we even dive on how a Prince2 course will help you in career advancement, it is wise first to understand what the course is all about.

PRINCE2 means Projects in a Controlled Environment. It is a methodology that is employed in project management to help managers sharpen their skills. Taking this course also helps project managers improve and gain an effective performance output.

Prince2 is a globally recognized certification which is ideal for existing project managers, and also works well for upcoming project managers.

The Prince2 certification levels

Just like it is in other countries, Prince2 certification in Malaysia has four distinct levels. They are;

Prince2 Foundation This is the primary level of certification which does not require the person taking it to have previous experience or knowledge in project management.

Prince2 Practitioner This is the second level which requires a person taking it to at least have a foundation certificate.

Prince2 professional This is the highest level of certification, which is exclusively for professional project managers who want to increase their proficiency in this methodology further. This level involves testing professionals their ability to manage less complex projects.

Prince2 Agile This is a new term to many, even those with the Prince2 knowledge since it is a brand new module, which has been introduced to cater for those with Prince2 certification but has the will to understand the application of agile methods in project management using this methodology. This certification is ideal for individuals dealing with both large-scale and small-scale projects.

What are some career opportunities that come with Prince2 certification?

Whether you are a project management expert, or you are just a novice trying to succeed in the industry, becoming Prince2 certified in Malaysia will go a long way in kick-starting your career. Below are some great opportunities that come with becoming Prince2 qualified.

1. The course helps you become more employable

Today, most project management companies in Malaysia when advertising for a job will ask for a Prince2 management certification as a pre-requisite in the job requirements section. This course is structured in a manner that both experienced professionals and those new in the industry can profoundly advance their career. If you have a Prince2 foundation certification, you do not have to meet specific standards or have a specified experience in the field to apply for a job as a Project Coordinator or Administrator. It gives you a direct ticket to apply for the job. Once you have a Prince2 Practitioner certification, you can apply for a job as a program coordinator or manager, without having to meet specified standards.

2. The course helps you manage projects better

When you take a Price2 course, you will be able to learn how to handle a project in a way that it comes out on time, it meets all the qualities laid down, and conforms to the budget plan. These are some of the elements that contribute to the success of a project, and you will have them all. This methodology provides project managers with a well-laid out procedure on how projects should be managed; thus following this, you will undoubtedly be the industry leader.

3. The course will open your global doors

With a Prince2 certification, you don't have to work in Malaysia; you can work in any part of the world, as long as you obtain the relevant work permits. Prince2 qualifications are recognized and highly respected across the world. This means that it is a key that opens many opportunities, not just in the Malaysian market, but also in other countries in the world.

4. It helps you earn more money

Career advancement comes with financial gains. On average, you will get an annual salary of a whopping $44, 455, and your yearly salary might hit $69,460 if you get the Prince2 Practitioner Course. This means that the more you advance in this course, the more the financial gain.

How can Prince2 Certification Course help you ladder up than others?

Here are some of the reasons why you will become better than others when you get this course;

You will manage projects better Yes, with this certification, you will be following a well-structured method of managing projects in a timely fashion; hence you will be way better than those without certified project management skills. With it, you will have the ability to complete projects within a specified budget, and finish it within a set budget.

You will not be limited to one industry By getting this course, it doesn't matter what industry you want to be in. For those without certified project management skills, they will have to stick to their specific industry, which shuts many opportunities for them. As for you, the number of opportunities you will have both in Malaysia and beyond will be profound, and you will be spoilt for choice.

It will be easier and cheaper for you to get other certifications Unlike people with no certified project management skills, you will get exemptions when studying other courses related to project management. This will make it cheaper and easier for you to get as many certifications as possible, which will help you advance your career even further.

5. Last take

Prince2 certification is all about advancing your career as a project manager. With it, you can Lead with confidence and increase your credibility in the field, making you one of the most trusted project managers in Malaysia. If you want to remain relevant in this field, then a Prince2 certification will go a long way in ensuring your dreams become a reality.

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